Renew Your Membership

Here's an easy step-by-step way to RENEW your Annual MCCC Membership. Renewal rates are as follows as of 9/1/2016:

Number of Full-Time Employees Annual Rate
1-5 $650
6-20 $875
21-50 $1,100
51-100 $2,000
101-250 $3,200
251-500 $3,900
501-1000 $5,500
1001-2000 $7,300
2001-3000 $9,500
3000+  $11,950

Membership dues rates are based on number of employees in the DC Metro Area. The renewal due date is the anniversary date of establishing membership. An invoice will be sent 30 days before that date. If you submit payment online, you will receive an invoice marked PAID for your records.

If you have any questions, dail 301-738-0015. It is a great day when we hear from you.

Note: 90% of your MCCC dues payment may be deducted as a business expense. 10% is non-deductible in accordance with IRS Section 6033 because this amount has been allocated to advocacy activities of MCCC. As a 501(c)(6)organization, payments to MCCC are not deductible as charitable contributions. 

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