2011 General Assembly Testimony/Positions

SB 521: Electricity Market - Best Possible Price  for Ratepayers Through Reregulation  (OPPOSE)

The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, as the voice of Montgomery County business, opposes a policy directive to reregulate the electricity market in Maryland for residential and small commercial customers.

The General Assembly in 2009 engaged in an extensive review and deliberation of whether Maryland should return to a regulated electricity market.  The decision was to maintain the deregulated environment that has existed since 1999.  The commercial customer has taken advantage of the ability to shop for its energy needs on the basis of price and has done so effectively.  More efforts are now being made to encourage residential to choose an electricity provider on the basis of price.

Business functions best when it is able to operate in a stable and consistent regulatory environment. It is important that small commercial customers can rely on a competitive energy market as being the law in Maryland, rather than having this issue revisited every several years.

For this reason, we request an unfavorable report on SB 521.

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