Graduates and Testimonials

VIP Graduate Statistics

  • 77% of companies have been in business for less than 10 years.

  • 72% of VIP graduate companies have 10 or less employees.

  • 30% of VIP graduate companies are in the technology industry;
    53% are in services; nearly 9% are in healthcare.

  • Our graduates do business with over 100 different prime contractors; 22% of our graduates do business with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, and/or CSC. 

Our graduates represent diverse small businesses

  • 83% are service-disabled veteran-owned

  • 44% are small-disadvantaged

  • 52% are minority-owned

  • 12% are woman-owned

  • 11% are HUBZone

Watch VIP Graduate Ben Long, President and CEO of LongView International Technology Solutions, Inc. accept the MCCC Small Business Leader of the Year Award

Congressman Van Hollen Applauds the President's Veterans Workforce Initiative - Washington, Aug 5, 2011 

"I want to applaud the President's plan to provide America's veterans with the additional job support they need and undoubtedly have earned. The proposal he announced today will help lower veteran unemployment and ensure that service members leave the military career-ready.
Montgomery County has been a leader in this effort. In 2009, the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Foundation created the Veterans Institute for Procurement (VIP). Now a nationwide program, it helps give veteran-owned businesses the tools they need to compete for government contracts. These kinds of local initiatives, coupled with a federal effort, will make great strides in helping the brave men and women who have served our nation find the jobs they deserve."

-Congressman Chris Van Hollen

VIP Testimonials

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"One of the most important things we can do is help [veterans]find opportunities in the business community."- and - "As never before, the Federal Government has committed to contracting with Veteran-owned businesses. It is timely that the Chamber’s Foundation established VIP to train and qualify Veteran-owned businesses to compete for these procurement opportunities."

- Congressman Chris Van Hollen
8th District of Maryland

"The Veteran Institute for Procurement is a phenomenal program that is a win-win for the federal government and prime contractors, and for the small veteran-owned businesses that it serves. Companies that participate in VIP emerge well-positioned for greater success in Federal contracting, and, ultimately, help to ensure that we have more qualified veteran-owned businesses competing for contract opportunities. We’re very appreciative of the leadership of the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation in launching this vital program and in expanding it now nationwide.”

- Mauricio Vera
OSDBU Director, U.S. Agency for International Development

"Not only are veterans well suited to be leaders in business, they are especially well suited to support our federal government solve some of its toughest challenges. The Veteran Institute for Procurement is a great example of community, government and private sector organizations coming together for one purpose - to help veteran-owned businesses from around the nation be even more competitive in the government contracting arena."

- Bridget Bean

Former Director, U.S. Small Business Administration's Washington Metropolitan Area District Office "It's an honor to be associated with the Veteran Institute for Procurement. I am grateful to the Montgomery County Chamber Foundation for supporting the launch of VIP in Frederick. VIP will provide timely and effective opportunities for veteran entrepreneurs to gain the access and tools to successfully compete for federal government contracts. Veterans have historically demonstrated their success in business in both the domestic and global marketplace…VIP’s effort to provide the training and a network for our veteran-owned businesses has my unconditional support. It’s a win-win for our country and taxpayers when the federal government buys the innovative programs and services developed by local small business entrepreneurs.”

- Former Representative Roscoe Bartlett
6th District of Maryland

“Conner Consulting & Resources, LLC was very fortunate this year to participate in the 2013 VIP Program, offered by the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation. Through this week long training we were fortunate to make some new and exciting contacts; learn more about government contracting opportunities with the VA; as well as ways to make our company stronger and more successful. We look forward to utilizing this information to grow and prosper. This was an amazing opportunity for us. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.”

-Paula L. Conner, Sr. Vice President
Conner Consulting & Resources, LLC, Poolesville, Maryland

“The Veterans Institute of Procurement was that essential catalyst to our being successful in supporting other veteran-owned businesses and in our consulting and HVAC practice. Their disciplined approach to knowledge transfer, and their providing exposure to superior thought leaders and practitioners in business development was excellent. We are proud to be VIP graduates.”

-Melvin Hardy, President
ServiceMax, Inc., Silver Spring, Maryland

"I truly was amazed by the program, and am so very, very glad to have been able to attend. I look forward to maintaining my relationship with MCCCF. Thanks again, very professional program, well executed and enjoyable."

-Daniel Morris (2013 Graduate)
Managing Member and CEO, SemperServe, LLC

"You executed a first class event with top notch instructors, 5-star accommodations and genuine Montgomery County hospitality! I am grateful to have participated in the VIP 2013. You've provided me with a playbook to help me grow my business infused with practical advice from local businessmen and women willing to share their expertise and experience with the next generation of veteran business owners.You've embarked on a journey that teaches America's veterans how to transition from the military into a competitive business world by combining theory with practice in an environment conducive to learning, partnering and business development. Your curriculum provided me with the realities and challenges of owing a business, but, I'm more confident knowing there are organizations like the VIP and the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce that actively supports its veterans. I appreciate your foresight in knowing that "if you build it they will come". I heard many times during the VIP that it all started with an idea. I'm glad you decided to take action and transform your idea into reality. This history is a great example of how entrepreneurship is embedded in the VIP culture as you impart the same skills into your students.Lastly, it was a nice touch reaching out to our Congressmen to provide Congressional Citations during our graduation. This gesture is an example of how the VIP distinguishes itself from other events. In short, I'm in awe of your dedication to veterans and extremely grateful of you and your team's efforts."

- Michael Mazzocco (2013 Graduate)
President & CEO, Alytic, Inc.

"Thank you and your staff for their wonderful efforts. It matters and it makes a difference."

-Michael Perry, MIS (2013 Graduate)
CEO & Managing Partner, SDV International

"The VIP sessions are well worth the investment for the companies and result in a smoother running Federal procurement processes.

S. David Tong, President and CEO, Premier Technical Services

"The recent VIP course I attended was hands down the best course I have ever attended, thank you for the opportunity to attend. The quality of the instructors, the course material and the facility were all topnotch. I may not become the next Catapult but you have certainly given me the tools to do it. I hope one day I will be in a position to pay it forward. Thanks."

-Geoffrey Perkins, Esq. (2012 VIP Graduate)
Managing Partner of Concourse FederalGroup, LLC

“Just wanted to let you know that as of 8/27/12 we are officially on a Mentor Protégé Program with the Department of the Navy & Lockheed Martin Owego, NY. Wanted to thank you & your program for all your help. I believe the information I got there was a big help.”

-Tom Crowley (2012 VIP Graduate)
President of Crowley Fabricating & Machining Co., Inc.

"Thanks you so much for inviting me to attend the VIP workshop. I believe the VIP workshop will have a tremendous impact on my leadership as Engage IST attempts to penetrate the Federal contracting market."

-Louis Collins, (2012 VIP Graduate)
President/CEO, Engage IST

“I have taken part in many Veteran Small business conferences but they are not geared well toward established businesses. They are more "101". This particular program gives outstanding real world examples and solutions to very common government business challenges and also gives its members direct contact with professionals that can help.”

-2012 VIP Graduate

“The VIP instructors were the subject matter experts in their field. They were very candid with their comments and offered first-hand advice.”

-2012 VIP Graduate

“The quality of the presentations, SMEs, staff's dedication and determination to ensure we were all treated equally and with exceptional respect and honor. It was the most honorable experience I have received concerning my service to my country.”

-2012 VIP Graduate

"First class experience in every way possible. This was a valuable and enriching 3 days and I sincerely hope that we all live up to the great expectations you have for all of us.”

-Elisa Krupa, President (2012 VIP Graduate)
President, Knowledge Vortex

"The program is extraordinary. Keep up the phenomenal work!"

-Ann Marshall (2011 VIP Graduate)
Executive Director of Operations, INTECON

"Once again, please allow me to thank you and your staff for the opportunity you offered me to attend the October 2011 Veteran Institute for Procurement. The days were well-spent and I found them to be most gratifying and rewarding. Your efforts to provide such training are commendable. This training will no doubt enhance my opportunity to become successful and at the same time to help others in my business endeavors. Throughout the training there was a flare of military precision coupled with a tremendous amount of caring and a high sense of gratitude from you and your staff, this experience will no doubt remain with me as one of the highlights of my life. Thanks so very much for the opportunity."

-Rudolph Glasgow (2011 VIP Graduate)
President,Rudolph Investigative Solutions, Inc.

"Aloha Barbara, Mahalo for allowing me to attend VIP. It was a wealth of information and certainly worth my time."

-Ray Jardine(2011 VIP Graduate)
President & CEO, Native Hawaiian Veterans

"Thanks so much for developing the VIP program. It is relevant, applicable, and effective. I learned additional strategies, tools, information and tips to help propel my company to the next level. We all groan about being away from our businesses for extended periods of time, but it was worth every minute of participation in the VIP program. In addition, the location and facilities were perfect."

- Theresa Harrison (2011 VIP Graduate)

"... thank you so much and what a great course and service you have developed for our Nation's Veterans."

-Eric I Mitchell MD (2011 VIP Graduate)
President/CEO/TelMed Group

“The Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP) program is packed with great content for small business leaders. Every class was extremely valuable, providing best practices to apply to our company based on the great marketing, BD, capture, contracts, finance, insurance, and HR content we studied. I built relationships with other emerging small business leaders in my class and met leaders within the large contractor and government communities. I recommend VIP as a program – I gained valuable content that I have begun transferring to my company and met great leaders within the small business and government contracting community.”

- Michael King (2010 VIP Graduate)
Chief Technology Officer, Halfaker & Associates

"Wow!! What a rush! The VIP was excellent! I enjoyed each session, because they were extremely informative. As a new VOSB, you have provided a path through the very challenging maze of federal procurement. After each session, I had a clear understanding of the necessary activities that I needed to undertake in order to advance to the next level in the overwhelming process of federal procurement.” - and - “During [my] presentation [at FDA] I mentioned that I was a graduate of the MCCCF’s VIP program. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she stated ‘WOW! The VIP is big!!’”

- Constance L. Baptist, CISM (2009 VIP Graduate)
CEO, The AshField Group LLC




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