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Frequently Asked Questions About MCCC Member Meetings

Our five MCCC Member Meetings are a great opportunity to network, get involved in public policy, and find out what’s happening in your community and industry.  MCCC effectively advocates at the County, State and Federal Levels on issues of importance to our members.  Below are some frequently asked questions about our Member Meetings.

Some things to keep in mind:

- Member Meetings are a free benefit for members only.

- Every MCCC member is invited to all Member Meetings.

- Member Meetings aren’t just policy and informative discussions, they are also great networking opportunities.  

1.  How many members attend each meeting?

Generally, 40 members attend each Meeting. The number increases with topics and speakers.

2.  How long do meetings last?

Infrastructure and Land Use and Legislative Affairs meetings last 90 minutes. 

Economic Development, Small Business, and GovConNet meetings last 60 minutes.

3.  Will I be asked to provide my opinion on a topic during the meeting?

Each member introduces themselves with their name and company name at the beginning of each meeting.  Other than this, you won’t be asked to contribute to the discussion unless you choose to contribute, which we always welcome.

4.  Is there a role for members outside of the monthly meeting time?

It is the role of Chamber staff to work with each chair and co-chair  to plan meetings and do the substantive work.  We always appreciate your feedback, but no outside time commitment is required.  

5.  What if I have an idea for a topic or speaker?

It’s a great day when we hear from you, so give Alexa Hamilton a call if you have a topic or speaker idea. She will discuss it with the Member Meeting chairs and help to give you a sense of whether or not it fits in with the agenda for the year.  She can be reached at (301) 738-0015 x229 or
For ideas about the GovConNet Member Meeting, please contact Barbara Ashe, Executive Vice President, at (301) 738-0015 x215 or

6.  What if I have questions?

Give us a call and we’ll talk it through with you! For the GovConNet Member Meeting, please contact Barbara Ashe, MCCC Executive Vice President, at (301) 738-0015 x215 or The contact for all other Member Meetings is MCCC Manager of Marketing and Communication Alexa Hamilton.  She can be reached at (301) 738-0015 x229 or

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