Councilmember Craig Rice on Education, Jobs

Posted Date: 
December 8, 2011


From left to right: Dr. Stewart Edelstein, Committee Co-Chair, Gigi Godwin, MCCC President & CEO, and Councilmember Craig Rice
Co-Chair Stewart Edelstein, Executive Director, Universities at Shady Grove, welcomed the committee and introduced Councilmember Craig Rice, who represents the north county in the County Council.
Rice framed his remarks by saying that education was the “number one” function of local government because it is the foundation for the other things they do, like Economic Development. He explained that having a highly skilled and diverse workforce is key to Economic Development, especially as Montgomery changes socially and demographically.
He went on to talk about the importance of jobs and businesses to our County. He believes that the County needs more job opportunities and places to live that fit a diverse workforce. He spoke about blue collar/white collar jobs and how both can make successful careers. He has encouraged County educators to support students in their options and not simply say that not going to college indicates failure.
Furthermore, Councilmember Rice said that the County should help companies right at the cusp of their growth to maximize their potential. He supports the idea of creating a County Economic Development Authority to insure our success as a community. He believes that no additional analysis is needed on this issue and we must move forward with reforming the structure and reviewing existing policies to help businesses locate and grow in the County.


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