Montgomery County Advocacy

MCCC closely monitors business issues being addressed at the local level in Montgomery County. The Chamber works proactively with the County Executive and the County Council to promote a business-friendly environment.

Key accomplishments include:

Transportation Funding – MCCC led the fight to establish a blue ribbon commission to address critical long-term funding challenges for the transportation trust fund at the State Level. The result has been more resources to address important projects at the local level, such as the Purple Line and the Corridor Cities Transitway.

Land Use – The Montgomery County Chamber was an active participant in the formation of two visionary Master Plans for Montgomery County in White Flint and Gaithersburg West. MCCC supports the vision of the White Oak Master Plan.

Operating Budgets – The Chamber provides annual guidance to County government on the Operating Budget. In addition, during FY 2011, we advocated against exorbitant increases in the Montgomery County Energy Tax and continue to work to sunset the law.

Click Here to view MCCC positions and testimony for legislation at the local level.

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