I Am An Employer

Business is a catalyst for positive change. As job creators and opportunity providers, employers are critical to the ongoing success of all our residents. Employers attract talent to the area, contribute to economic activity and tax revenue and shape the marketplace. Employers are vital to sustain progress in our community.

Read the stories of employers in Montgomery County invested in their team and their community.

Robby Brewer


Robby Brewer, Lerch, Early and Brewer




Jerry Shapiro


Jerry ShapiroShapiro and Duncan




Derek Whitwer


Derek Whitwer, EagleBank




Jim Martinko


Jim Martinko, CohnReznik



Erin Allen






Norvell Coots


Norvell Coots, MD.Holy Cross Health


Jacky Schultz


Jacky ShultzSuburban Hospital




Stu Edelstein


Dr. Stewart EdelsteinThe Universities at Shady Grove




Hear the voices of businessemployers – from the MCCC Award Stage at a variety of events over the years. Each share in their own words what it means to be an employer in Metro Maryland and how they rely on their team members to achieve growth and success.

As Norm Augustine, retired CEO of Lockheed Martin and the 2017 MCCC Business Advocate of the Year said: “You can’t be for jobs and against employers.” Share how you, as an employer, are supporting the success of your employees and our community.




Showcase how you and your organization invest in your talent and how employers can best be supported by public policy makers to accelerate success and growth that benefits the community.

Please answer the following questions to showcase your role as an employer in our community.

  • Describe how you and/or your organization invest in your employees. (e.g., benefits, professional development, workplace culture, etc.)
  • What local and state regulations, policies, and/or approaches to the local economy are most helpful to you and your organization to attract and retain talent? Why is this important to you and the success of your organization?
  • Other information about you and your organization is also requested. See the online survey for complete list of questions.


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