MCCC advocates at the federal, state and local level to accelerate the success of our members.  Our focus is on economic competitiveness, strategic capital investment and shaping the marketplace.

MCCC impact includes:

Economic Competitiveness

  • Recoupled Estate Tax
  • Defeated Combined Reporting
  • Supported Lockheed Martin’s Training Center
  • Secured Marriott and Choice Headquarters
  • Expanded R&D credits in strategic industries
  • Secured SCIF Facilites
  • Extended Commuter Benefits
  • Lowered interest rates
  • Streamlined electronic filing

Strategic Capital Investment 

  • The Inter County Connector
  • The Purple Line
  • Montrose Parkway
  • Metro 8-car trains
  • Transportation Trust Fund
  • National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
  • Health and Human Services offices
  • Strathmore
  • Soccerplex
  • County Conference Center
  • Funding for Universities at Shady Grove, Montgomery College, MCPS

Shaping the Marketplace

  • Small Business Reserve Program
  • Master Plans
  • White Flint
  • White Oak
  • Great Seneca Science
  • National Center for Veteran Institute for Procurement
  • Green Certified Business certification

Monthly Member Exchange Meetings are an opportunity to connect with experts and information on policy matters.

MCCC Advocacy Priorities and Wins, September 2015


MCCC Strategic Partners