The Statewide General Election is on November 4, 2014. For more information, visit the Maryland Board of Elections website at Every four years, Maryland holds a Gubernatorial election. In this cycle, members of the General Assembly are also elected for a four-year term. In addition, Montgomery County elects a County Executive and all nine members of the County Council. With many competitive races, the Primary Election is an important part of the process. The Statewide Primary Election was held on June 24, 2014. 

The public policy enacted by legislators impacts the business climate. MCCC believes it is critically important to understand a candidate's background, philosophies and ideas. For that reason, we invite candidates to complete a questionnaire and have made that available to our members. The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce is a 501 c 6 advocacy organization. The organization does not endorse candidates for political office. 

To see the individual candidate's complete answers in their own words, please vist the MCCC Candidate Questionnaire page and select the office and candidate.

Montgomery Week in Review hosted a show on the 2014 Elections during which Ilaya Hopkins presented issues of importance to MCCC. See the full video here (MCCC introduced at 13:50).


If you have any questions about the Chamber process, please contact Ilaya Hopkins, Vice President of Public Affairs. 


Brian Quinn, Venable LLP; Ilaya Hopkins, MCCC; Gigi Godwin, MCCC; Marta Harting, Venable LLP; John Stierhoff, Venable LLP


MCCC works proactively with our elected and appointed leaders at the federal, state and local levels to promote a business-friendly environment.

We focus our advocacy and programming efforts on issues of importance to the business community.

At our monthly member meetings, speakers who are leaders in their respective fields educate and inform our members on the issues of the day. Presentations are followed by question and answer sessions. Monthly member meetings include:

In 2011, MCCC organized a future oriented planning session that resulted in a road map which we continue on today. Read the full Vision 2030. Each year, we refine our ideas to meet the changing needs of the business community.

Read the full 2014 Legislative Agenda.

As the voice of business for MCCC members, we take positions on more than 100 pieces of legislation each year and track the progress. Follow MCCC's advocacy efforts in the MCCC Advocacy Highlights:


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